Instant Messenger
Mobile messaging for business. Direct and group chat, files and location sharing.
Chat Room
To communicate with a colleague, simply send a direct text or a voice message. For groups, our chat room is an excellent choice to create conversation topics related to departments, projects, office locations and events. In the chat room you can easily share photos, videos and locations.
User Management
Unlike the more familiar personal instant messenger, Connectie allows for better control of who can communicate with your team and access business information. Administrators can create, edit, delete, inactivate and lock users. User information including names, emails, departments, titles, and phones can be updated through the administration console.
The dashboard in the administration console provides you a high-level statistical overview of the App: number of users, messages and media files sent, active chat rooms and emotions of the team.


We should all know by now that email is not the fastest way to break news. Instead, the Broadcast feature allows you to deliver important messages to your colleagues’ mobile phones instantly. Operated through the administration console, this function can reach all or selected users on your contact list.