Mobile Instant Messaging
for Business
A highly efficient App for communications and information retrieval
Why Connectie
Highly Secure
Security is our number one priority. All messages are transmitted in 256-bit SSL encryption, the same security level used by online banking. What’s more, messages are securely encrypted and stored on Amazon Web Service Cloud.
Artificial Intelligence
Connectie is powered by machine learning and natural language processing technology. Our connectie bot is responsible for welcoming your team members and helping them understand functions and features of our App.
Mobile First
Connectie maximizes mobile efficiency. We help you to manage your time efficiently, increase productivity, and be more responsive to your team. The app helps you to get more work done so that you can move on to the next big goal. 
Mobile Messaging
Instant messenger designed for business. An easy way to communicate with your team. Features include one-to-one message, chat room, messages transmission security, message persistence, system administration, audit log, system integration, centralized user management and dashboard.


Connectie bot uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand human languages. It helps your team members use our App and it also collects feedback from users such that we can enhance our service to give your team the best experience.
Our easy-to-use mobile App allows your mobile workforce to execute the workflow and manage tasks. When they encounter problems, they can message your team for support. The related workflow information will be shown to the team in the instant message in real-time.
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Our Advantages
Text and voice messages
Our platform supports both text and voice messages. If you can’t find time to type in the text box, just talk through the voice message function.
Unlimited Chat Rooms
Our chat rooms can accommodate multiple users from the same or a different department for discussions of all kind. It also supports photos, videos and location sharing.

Secure Guest Access

You can bring your clients or third party partners into a chat room. To ensure the privacy of your company, guests do not have access to content or information outside of their chat room.

Broadcast messages

This function allows you to send important news or announcements to all users in your team no matter where they are.
Push notifications
When the App is in background mode, you will receive push notifications on your mobile phone at all times, lest you miss important information or notices. This setting is customizable.
Message Persistence
Messages are encrypted and stored on backend servers. You can get your messages back easily even if you install the App on another device.
User Management
Administrators can use the administration console to manage user accounts. It ensures that only your authorized users can access your business information.
Dashboard offers a high-level view of your team statistics including number of users, messages and media files sent, active chat rooms and emotions of the team.

Audit Log

All administrator changes through the admin console are recorded in an audit log. This function is primarily for security analysis and compliance audit.
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